Dominions, realms and kingdoms

Hinterlands, Hin Lands, High Lands

Fjords of the Northlander Kings

Dunevaer. *Andevar

The united kingdom of The Frisian Peoples
*Zeeland barony

Southren Reaches of the Elven Queendom. In the forest of ??? Her dominion also reaches the Isle of Fay to the West, the cold and evergreen forests of the North and the wild-magic forests of Askadug to the East.

Shearôs, The Shires

Goblin Hills

City States of the Dwarven Empire, left over from the Dwarven Empire. Located in the ??? Mountains

The Great Marshes of the Askadug. A peaceful land before te Fall – now an ever changing and treacherous landscape of bogs, swamps, and evil that extends into Frisia and the Elven Queendom.

Fúsāng, lost empire of the Dragonborn. To the East.

Dominions, realms and kingdoms

Legacy of the Fallen Lands PeterVossler